Be Nice! Bernice!


Film by
Brian Lye and Zuzanna Juszkiewicz

Shooting format 16mm

A co-presentation between Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society &
The Tomorrow Collective's Brief Encounters series.


Anwar Nasr
Gosia Juszkiewicz
Zoe Oppenheim
Travis Bernhardt
Ruben Tillman


Directors of Photography : John Woods and Michael Krizaj
Gaffer : Ryan Skeete
Assistant Director : Jason Karman

Opening Song

Honour and Blood by Dear Suzy

Filmed on Kodak Vision 16mm (10 years expired!)
Processed at Niagara Custom Lab
Scan done at Cineworks on the JK by Zuzia and Brian

Special Thanks

Wendy Fleet
John Woods
Amy Fung
Jon Ornoy
Megan Bodaly
The Donaldsons of Bradner Farms, BC
The Tomorrow Collective

Cineworks, The Tomorrow Collective, and the filmmakers would like to thank the City of Vancouver and British Columbia Arts Council for their support.